What is VoIP PBX

What is VoIP PBX (Voice Over Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange)?

The VoIP PBX (internet-based telephone system) can be a physical object or a software on a computer. It is responsible for transferring voice and video data over a data network, like the Internet. On this page you will be informed about VoIP PBX that can help businesses to increase their productivity since it has features that helps work at the company and therefore it can make the process of work more effective. It will be discussed how VoIP PBXs work, what their features are and how they connect to the Ozeki Phone System XE.

The VoIP PBX, is also known as an IP PBX, it’s a telephone system used by different businesses. PBXs can connect VoIP calls with each other and with ordinary phone users and vice versa. Additional functionalites can be added to the VoIP PBX like live calls, video conference etc.

How It Works

The VoIP PBX is similar to a proxy server: If you initiate a call from a VoIP or a Softphone to a VoIP phone you can do that via the Internet. If you call an ordinary or mobile telephone you can call it via PSTN (ordinary telephone system). (Figure1)

Figure 1 – What is VoIP PBX?

The latest version of PBXs is the VoIP PBX/ IP PBX that uses the Internet to make calls.

Task of PBX

  • set up connection
  • maintain the connection
  • disconnect
  • data recording etc.

Some Features of VoIP PBX

  • Unlimited Voicemail Boxes
  • Caller ID customization
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Conference
  • Outlook Integration etc.

The Ozeki Phone System XE is a modern IP PBX/VoIP PBX that supports VoIP technology. Ozeki Phone System XE replaces your old pbx systems

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